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On this page is a list of the latest Linux drivers available for download from 25.09.2017. All the Linux drivers tested Norton antivirus and Avast, performance Installer driver tested in a virtual machine. Choose a model of the device, to go to the drivers for different versions of the Linux operating system.

NOKIA Oro Light (680MHz, AMOLED3.5 640x360@16M, 3G-BT-WiFi-GPS, 8Gb-0Mb microSD, 8Mpx, Symbian Anna)
CPU Intel Xeon L5420 2.5 GHz-4core-12Mb L2-50W-1333MHz LGA771
HDD 164.0 Gb SATA-II 300 Hitachi Deskstar 7K160 (HDS721616PLA380) 3.5 7200rpm 8Mb
GigaByte GA-F2A88XM-D3H rev3.0 (RTL) SocketFM2(AMD A88X) 2xPCI-E Dsub-DVI-HDMI GbLAN SATA RAID MicroATX 4DDR-III
23 AOC e2343F2 (LCD, Wide, 1920x1080, D-Sub, HDMI)
22 Viewsonic VG2230WM-3 (LCD, Wide, 1680x1050, D-Sub, DVI)
Acer Aspire One 721-148ss (LU.SB308.011) Ath II Neo K145-2-320-WiFi-BT-Win7St-11.6-1.31
ASUS M50VM (90NPCA-37965B-7CMC106Y) C2D P7350-4-250-DVD-RW-WiFi-BT-VistaHP-15.4-3.06
ASUS UX31A (90NIOA3-12W112-2VD13AC) i7 3517U-4-256SSD-WiFi-BT-Win7HP-13.3-1.38
ASUS W1B00NA (90N90A-319128-236C16) Pent M715-512-60-DVD-CDRW-WiFi-WinXP-15.4-3.2
Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ25-K (Black) (12.1Mpx, 24-384mm, 16x, F3.3-5.9, JPG, SDXC, 3.0, USB2.0, HDMI, AV)
Samsung Digimax A6 (6.0Mpx, 38-114mm, 3x, F2.7-4.9, JPG, SD-MMC, 1.8, USB, AAx2)
Canon i250 (A4 4800*1200dpi 12- USB )
Epson L800 (A4, 37 -, 5760 optimized dpi, 6 , USB2.0, CD-DVD)
ASUS MeMO Pad 7 ME170C (90NK0172-M00920) White Atom Z2520-1-GPS-WiFi-BT-Andr4.3-7-0.28
512Mb (PCI-E) DDR-3 Gigabyte GV-N210D3-512I (RTL) D-Sub-DVI-HDMI (GeForce 210)
128Mb (AGP) DDR Gigabyte GV-R955128D (OEM) 128bit D-Sub-DVI-TV Out (RADEON 9550)
1024Mb MSI R6450-MD1GD3H-LP D3 R6450 64bit DDR3 625-1333 LP DVI-CRT-HDMI RTL
1Gb (PCI-E) DDR-5 MSI MS-V236 N450GTS-Cyclone 1GD5-OC (RTL) DualDVI-miniHDMI-SLI (GeForce GTS450)

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