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Download Linux drivers for Microcomputers

Microcomputers (nettops) - a special class of desktop personal computers other than small size, which reduces power consumption and makes these computers more mobile and low noise. However, this miniaturization negative impact on performance: in nettops install microprocessors with reduced frequencies, small amounts of cache memory and graphics card entry-level. For the use of all resources of the microcomputer, you must download and install the driver package for all devices that are part of this nettop.

This section provides links to download drivers for nettop. The composition of all the drivers include drivers for motherboards, processors, audio and video cards, network cards and other equipment, which is part of the nettop.

To install the driver nettop must choose a model device driver download, run it as an administrator, and then choose from the list the desired device. Drivers for selected devices to load automatically.

Here you can select the Linux driver to download from the manufacturer of your device. The list of Linux drivers corresponds to the model number of the equipment. For convenience, displays a complete list of manufacturers, which is divided into blocks of 30 units. If you are difficult to find the items you equipment, press Ctrl + F and you ll find on this page you are interested in the brand or model. Next you will be prompted to select the version of the operating system for correct operation of the Linux driver.

At the moment the possibility of parametric searching is finished, be patient, download Linux driver you can now.

3qDownload Linux drivers for Microcomputers 3Q
lenovoDownload Linux drivers for Microcomputers LENOVO

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