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Total model-based devices: 47

ASUS Asteio D20 ID1 (90PE02-C11328-2GC1UCHZ) E6300 (1.86)-1-160-DVD-RW-WiFi-TV-VistaHP
ASUS CM 6870 (90PD97-DB4321-GC70HCKZ) i5 3450-4-1Tb-DVD-RW-GT545-Win7HP
ASUS CM1740 (90PD79-DA4322-85803CKZ) A6 3620-4-1Tb-DVD-RW-HD6470-Win7HP
ASUS CP6230 (90PD78-DA4134-5A708CKZ) i3 2120-4-500-DVD-RW-GT530-Win7HB
ASUS CP6230 (90PD78-DA9134-4A708CKZ) Pent G850-4-500-DVD-RW-GT520-Win7HB
ASUS D22 ID1 (90PE01-C11425-20C3UC0N) E6300 (1.86)-1-250-DVD-RW-GF7600GS-WiFi-TV-VistaHP
ASUS D22 ID1 (90PE01-C11425-20C9UC0N) E6300 (1.86)-1-250-DVD-RW-GF7600GS-WiFi-TV-VistaHP
ASUS DAV Center A33 ID3 (90PE06-C34A9A-30C9U20N) Athlon-64 X2 44004-500-DVD-RW-WiFi-BT-TV-VistaHP
ASUS Essentio CG 8250 (90PD7Z-DB286M-K8B1CKZ) i7 2600-8-2Tb-GTX560 Ti-Blu-Ray-CR-Win7HP
ASUS Essentio CM 1730 (90PD76-DAAA8D-88B2CKZ) P II X4 850-6-1.5Tb-GT530-Blu-Ray-CR-Win7HP
ASUS Essentio CM 6730 (90PD74-DA4361-MD90ECKZ) i5 2400-6-1Tb-DVD-RW-GT545-Win7HP
ASUS Essentio CM 6730 (90PD74-DA7341-AD90ECKZ) i3 2120-4-1Tb-DVD-RW-GT530-Win7HP
ASUS Essentio CM 6730 (90PD74-DA8B7K-D9B2CKZ) i5 2310-6-1.5Tb-GT530-Blu-Ray-CR-Win7HP
ASUS Essentio CS5110-AP035 (90PD6NDAGHSRVHB1C0T) E8300 (2.83)-4500-Blu-ray-WiFi-VistaHP
ASUS Essentio M11AA (90PD0052-M01530) i3 3240-4-1Tb-DVD-RW-GT630-Win8
ASUS Essentio M11AA (90PD0052-M01540) i5 3350P-4-1Tb-DVD-RW-GT640-Win8
ASUS Essentio M11BB (90PD0092-M01310) A10 6700-4-1Tb-DVD-RW-GT630-Win8
ASUS Essentio M51AD (90PD00E3-M00510) i5 4570S-6-2Tb-DVD-RW-GTX650-Win8
ASUS Gaming PC CG6155 CP WS Q9450-5AG (90PD6C-AANHBE-DHBCC0T) Q9450 (2.66)-4-500-Blu-Ray-2xGF9800GT-VistaHP
ASUS Gaming PC CG6155 CP WS X9650-5AS (90PD6C-AARIBA-DRBCC0T) QX9650 (3.0)-4-2x500-Blu-Ray-3xGTX280-VistaUL
ASUS Nova EP10 ID3 (90PE0G-C37G10-09L2UC0Z) CM900-512-80-Linux
ASUS Nova Lite PX22 ID3 (90PE0I-C3E330-29A3UC0Z) C220-2-160-DVD-RW-WiFi-VistaHB
ASUS Nova Lite PX24 ID3 (90PE0J-C3E330-29C3UC0Z) C220-2-160-SVGA-DVD-RW-WiFi-VistaHP
ASUS Nova P20 ID2 (90PE11-C26330-20CDU20Z) E2160 (1.8)-2-160-DVD-RW-WiFi-BT-VistaHP
ASUS Nova P20 ID2 (90PE11-C26C60-20CDU20Z) E2160 (1.8)-1-120-DVD-RW-WiFi-BT-VistaHP
ASUS Nova P22 ID2 (90PE10-C22B60-30CDU20Z) E6320 (1.86)-1-160-DVD-RW-WiFi-TV-VistaHP
ASUS Nova P22 ID2 (90PE10-C22330-39C3UC0Z) E6320 (1.86)-2-160-DVD-RW-WiFi-BT-VistaHP
ASUS Vivo PC VC60 (90MS0021-M00980) i3 3110M-4-500-WiFi-BT-noOS
ASUS Vivo PC VC60 (90MS0021-M00990) i3 3110M-4-500-WiFi-BT-Win8
ASUS Vivo PC VC60 (90MS0021-M01030) 5 3210M-4-1Tb-WiFi-BT-Win8
ASUS Vivo PC VM40B (90MS0011-M00070) Cel 1007U-2-500-WiFi-BT-noOS
ASUS Vivo PC VM40B (90MS0011-M00550) Cel 1007U-2-500-WiFi-BT-Win8
ASUS Vivo PC VM40B (90MS0011-M00560) Cel 1007U-2-500-WiFi-BT-noOS
ASUS Vivo PC VM40B (90MS0011-M01580) Cel 1007U-4-500-WiFi-BT-Win8
ASUS Vivo PC VM60 (90MS0061-M00260) i3 3217U-4-500-WiFi-BT-noOS
ASUS Vivo PC VM60 (90MS0061-M00270) i5 3337U-4-500-WiFi-BT-noOS
Windrover LP AT7 Pentium-4 1600-256-60000-DVD-CDRW-LAN-Fm-Kb-Ms-15TFT
Windrover LP AT7 Pentium-4 1600-256-60000-DVD-LAN-Fm-Kb-Ms-15TFT
Windrover LP AT8 Pentium-4 1800-256-80000-DVD-CDRW-LAN-Fm-Kb-Ms-17TFT
Windrover LP AT8 Pentium-4 1800-256-80000-DVD-LAN-Fm-Kb-Ms-17TFT
Windrover LP2001 AT8 Pentium-4 1700-256-60000-DVD-CDRW-LAN-Fm-Ms-Kb-17TFT
Windrover LP2001 AT8 Pentium-4 1800-256-60000-DVD-CDRW-LAN-Fm-Ms-Kb-17TFT
Windrover LP2001 AT8 Pentium-4 1800-256-60000-DVD-LAN-Fm-Ms-Kb-17TFT
Windrover Twin AT7 Pentium-4 1500-128-40000-CD-LAN-Kb-Ms-15TFT
Windrover Twin BT7 Pentium-III 800 (100)-128-30000-CD-LAN-Fm-Kb-Ms-15TFT
Windrover Twin CT7 Pentium-III 1000-128-30000-CD-Kb-Ms-15.1TFT
Windrover Twin CT7 Pentium-III 933-128-30000-CD-Fm-Kb-Ms-15TFT

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