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Total model-based devices: 16

Sun Blade x6270 no CPU-16Gb-1X146 SAS 10K RAID 0-1TCE28328 (X6270-AA)
Sun Blade x6270 no CPU-32Gb-1X146 SAS 10K RAID 0-1TCE28328 (X6270-AA)
Sun Blade x6270 no CPU-8Gb-1X146 SAS 10K RAID 0-1 TCE28328 (X6270-AA)
Sun Fire X4100M2 2218DC(2,6GHz)-4x1GB-2146-DVD-ROMRW-2PSU (A86-FGZ2BH4GKBA)
Sun FireX4150 1P L5320(1.86GHz)-2GB(2x1GB)-noHDD-noDVD-RW-PSU (B13-UW1-CC-2GB-JLB)
Sun FireX4150 2P X5160(3,0GHz)4GB(4x1GB)-noHDD-noDVD-RW-2XPSU (B13-UQ2-CB-4GB-JLB)
SUN FIRE X2200M2 2 2.8 - . 4 , 250
Sun Fire X4140 x64 Server: 2x AMD Opteron Model 2356 (2.3GHz-5
Sun Fire X4600 x64 server: 4x AMD Opteron Model 885 processor,
Sun Fire X4150 x64 Rack-Mount Server: One Quad-Core Intel(R) X
Sun T2000 8CORE-32GB-2x73GB
Netra T2000 AC Server, 4 core 1GHz UltraSPARC T1 processor, 8G
Sun Fire E2900 : E2900-BASE2-Z :1 E29BRD484-1500-Z :3
Sun Fire E2900 : SYS2900C-4-1800-Z SF E2900 1.8GHz PC
Sun Fire V490 Server, 4 * 1.5GHz UltraSPARC IVprocessors
Sun FV245,2x1.5,2GB,2x73GB,2xPSU

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