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Surveillance - usually a set of stationary DVR, cameras and microphones, as well as the necessary power supplies. The DVR can be configured through the web interface. For the initial setup of the DVR may need regular monitor and mouse, which should be directly connected to the DVR. Later, you have to set network parameters Registrar: ip-address, port, subnet and gateway. It is also necessary to make the on-screen menu to format the hard drive that will store the data from the cameras and microphones. The DVR is typically connected to the local network cable type "twisted pair". To control the unit, it is advisable to install special software.

This section presents the program with which you can record and play back audio and video from the DVR, produce web publication (open access from outside the local network).

A number of models will be constantly replenished DVRs popular models.

Here you can select the Linux driver to download from the manufacturer of your device. The list of Linux drivers corresponds to the model number of the equipment. For convenience, displays a complete list of manufacturers, which is divided into blocks of 30 units. If you are difficult to find the items you equipment, press Ctrl + F and you ll find on this page you are interested in the brand or model. Next you will be prompted to select the version of the operating system for correct operation of the Linux driver.

At the moment the possibility of parametric searching is finished, be patient, download Linux driver you can now.

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