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On this page is a list of updated Linux drivers available for download from 24.05.2016. All updated Linux drivers tested antivirus Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 and Avast, performance Installer update drivers tested in a virtual machine. Choose a model of the device to go to the page with the updated drivers for different versions of the operating system Linux.

Huawei Vision U8850 (Silver) (1GHz, 512MbRAM, 3.7 800x480, 3G-BT-WiFi, 2Gb-microSD, 5Mpx, Andr2.3)
LG G3 S D724 Titanium (1.2GHz, 1GbRAM, 5 1280x720 IPS, 3G-BT-WiFi-GPS, 8Gb-microSD, 8Mpx, Andr)
LG P500 Shining White (600MHz, LCD480x320@256K, 3G-BT-WiFi-GPS, 3.2, 150Mb-0microSD, 3Mpx, Andr2.3)
NOKIA E52-1 Navi Metal AL (QuadBand, 2.4 320x240@16M, 3G-BT-WiFi-GPS, microSD HC, 3.2Mpx, 98, Symbian 9.3)
PocketBook Basic 613 (White) (6, mono, 800x600, 2Gb, FB2-PDF-DJVU-EPUB-DOC-DOCX-JPG, microSDHC, USB)
Qumo Optiva (QM8GUD-OP2-Blue) USB2.0 Flash Drive 8Gb (RTL)
SanDisk Memory Vault (SDARC1-008G-U46) USB2.0 Flash Drive 8Gb (RTL)
Defender Wireless Optical Mouse To-GO (MS-565 Nano Ladybird) (RTL) USB 6btn-Roll ., (52567)
Genius Mini Navigator 900 (Black) (RTL) USB 3btn-Roll,
Acer Aspire 5024WLMi (LX.A4605.181) T64 ML34-512-100-DVD-RW-WiFi-WinXP-15.4-3.07
ASUS X50N (90NLIY-139573-4AMC506Y) T64 MK36-2-120-DVD-RW-WiFi-VistaHB-15.4-2.7
MSI CX620MX-403RU (9S7-16Y111-403) i5 2410M-4-320-DVD-RW-410M-WiFi-Win7HB-15.6-2.52
Epson TM-U220PA ( , , 9pin, LPT)
hp LaserJet Enterprise 600 M602x (CE993A) (A4, 50-, 512Mb, LCD, USB2.0, , )
TP-LINK (TL-ER604W) Wireless N Router (3UTP 10-100-1000Mbps, 1UTP-WAN 10-100-1000Mbps, 1WAN, 802.11g-n, 300Mbps)
TRENDnet (TEW-640MB) Wireless N Media Bridge (4UTP 10-100Mbps, 802.11b-g-n, 300Mbps)
SSD 250 Gb SATA-II OCZ Vertex Series Mac Edition (OCZSSD2-1VTXA250G) 2.5 MLC
3Q (3QTAB-QPAD-RC0813C-W-18A4.1.1) White Cortex A9-1-8Gb-WiFi-BT-Andr4.1-8-0.48
Apple iPad Air Wi-Fi 32GB (MD786RU-A) Space Gray A7-32Gb-WiFi-BT-iOS-9.7Retina-0.469
1Gb (PCI-E) DDR-5 Gigabyte GV-R587SO-1GD (RTL) DualDVI-HDMI-DP (RADEON HD5870)

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