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On this page is a list of updated Linux drivers available for download from 12.10.2016. All updated Linux drivers tested antivirus Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 and Avast, performance Installer update drivers tested in a virtual machine. Choose a model of the device to go to the page with the updated drivers for different versions of the operating system Linux.

Samsung Galaxy S III DUOS GT-I9300I Ceramic White (1.4GHz, 1.5Gb, 4.81280x720, 3G-BT-WiFi-GPS, 16Gb-microSD, 8Mpx, Andr)
CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 1.86 GHz-2core-2Mb-65W-1066MHz LGA775
HDD 13.6-13.5 Gb IDE Western Digital (WD135AA-WD136AA-WD136AW) 3.5 UDMA66 5400rpm
BTC 5109C-U Black (USB) 104-4 -
Defender Slalom (KM-4910) Black-Silver (PS-2) 104-18 -
3Q (3QNTP-Shell IHDG-WHITE-Celeron J1900) White Cel J1900-noRAM-noHDD-WiFi-noOS
19 PHILIPS 190X6FB (LCD, 1280x1024, D-Sub, DVI)
D-Link (DFL-260) UTM Firewall (4UTP 10-100Mbps, 1WAN, 1DMZ)
D-Link (DMC-F30SC-A1A) 10-100Base-TX to SM 100Base-FX (1UTP, 1 SC)
K73SV i3-2310M-4G-500G-540M-W7HB-17.3
ASUS G1S (90NLBA-419241-3CMC406T) C2D T7500-2-160-DVD-RW-WiFi-BT-VistaHP-15.4-3.18
ASUS X50Z (90NPZY-F59243-7AMC106Y) T64 X2 RM-70-2-250-DVD-RW-WiFi-VistaHB-15.4-2.71
DELL Inspiron 1501 (210-17061-001) T64 X2 TL56-1-120-DVD-RW-WiFi-WinXP-15.4-2.88
Lenovo B560 (59057154) i3 370M-3-320-DVD-RW-310M-WiFi-BT-DOS-15.6-2.38
Lenovo G500 (59399521) i5 3230M-4-1Tb-DVD-RW-HD8570M-WiFi-BT-Win8-15.6-2.47
Lenovo IdeaPad Y570 (59320081) i5 2450M-6-500-DVD-RW-GT555M-WiFi-BT-cam-Win7HP-15.6-2.73
MSI CX620 (9S7-1688AD-423) i3 380M-3-320-DVD-RW-HD5470-WiFi-Win7HB-15.6-2.44
Canon Digital IXUS 860 IS (Black) (8.0Mpx, 28-105mm, 3.8x, F2.8-5.8, JPG, 8-32Mb SDHC-MMC, 3.0, USB2.0, AV, Li-Ion)
Nikon CoolPix L3 (Black) (5.1Mpx, 38-116mm, 3x, F3.2-5.3, JPG, SD, 2.0, USB, AV, AAx2)
SSD 128 Gb SATA-II Silicon Power Extreme E25 (SP128GBSSDE25S25) 2.5 MLC
3Gb(PCI-E)DDR-5 ASUS HD7970-DC2-3GD5 (RTL) DualDVI-4xDP(RADEON HD7970)
128Mb (AGP) DDR Gigabyte GV-N52128D (OEM) D-Sub-DVI-TV Out (GeForce FX 5200)
2Gb (PCI-E) DDR-3 Sapphire (RADEON R7 240 LP with Boost) (OEM) DualHDMI
Logitech HD Webcam C525 (RTL) (USB2.0, 1280x720, ) (960-000723)

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