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On this page is a list of updated Linux drivers available for download from 09.12.2016. All updated Linux drivers tested antivirus Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 and Avast, performance Installer update drivers tested in a virtual machine. Choose a model of the device to go to the page with the updated drivers for different versions of the operating system Linux.

NOKIA Lumia 620 Magenta (1GHz, 512MbRAM, 3.8 800x480, 3G-BT-WiFi-GPS-, 8Gb-microSD, 5Mpx, WinPhone 8)
LG E730 Black Titan (1GHz, AMOLED 3.8 800x480, 3G-BT-WiFi-GPS, 150Mb-2Gb microSD, 5Mpx, Andr2.3)
NOKIA 6020 Silver-Grey (TriBand, LCD 128x128@64k, GPRS, 90 .)
Sony Ericsson Hazel J20i Passionate Rouge (QuadBand, , LCD320x240@16M, 3G-WiFi-BT-GPS, microSD, 5Mpx)
CPU AMD ATHLON-64 4000BOX (ADA4000) 2.6 GHz-1core-512K-62W-2000MHz Socket AM2
SmartBuy Pocket (SB4GBPoc W) USB2.0 Flash Drive 4Gb (RTL)
HDD 200.0 Gb SATA-II 300 Hitachi (HDT722520DLA380) 3.5 7200rpm 8Mb
21.5 hp x22LED (WS230AA) (LCD, Wide, 1920x1080, D-Sub, DVI)
ASUS All-in-one PC ET2400XVT (90PE3NA-21136E-61B9C0Q) i7 740QM-6-1Tb-Blu-Ray-GTX460M-WiFi-BT-cam-Win7HP-23.6
GARMIN GPSMAP 76 Versatile Navigator (8Mb, 2xAA)
D-Link (DGS-707) GBIC Module (SC, 3.3V, 220-550m)
ASUS L5800C Pent 4-2.8-512-60-DVD-RW-WiFi-WinXP-15.1-3.7
ASUS N53S (90N1QY7-78W3F5-1RD13AY) i5 2430M-4-500-DVD-RW-GT540M-WiFi-BT-Win7HB-15.6-2.86
DELL Inspiron 1300 (L28267) Cel M380-512-60-DVD-CDRW-WiFi-WinXP-15.4-3.02
DELL Inspiron 1546 (L121401) i3 330M-2-320-DVD-RW-HD5450-WiFi-BT-Win7HP-15.6-2.46
hp LaserJet 3390 (Q6500A) (A4 21- 64Mb, LCD, , , USB, ADF, , )
NETGEAR (JWNR2000-100) Wireless Router (4UTP 10-100Mbps, 1WAN, 802.11b-g-n, 300Mbps)
SSD 128 Gb SATA 6Gb-s Samsung 840 PRO Series (MZ-7PD128BW) (RTL) 2.5 MLC
SONY Tablet S SGPT112RU-S Black NVIDIA Tegra 2 Cortex A9-1-32Gb-GPS-WiFi-BT-Andr3.2-9.4-0.58
TV Tuner PixelView (PlayTV Pro Bt 878KHF) (RTL) (PCI, Analog)
1Gb (PCI-E) DDR-3 Palit (GeForce 9800GX2) (RTL) DualDVI-HDMI-SLI

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