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On this page is a list of updated Linux drivers available for download from 10.10.2018. All updated Linux drivers tested antivirus Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 and Avast, performance Installer update drivers tested in a virtual machine. Choose a model of the device to go to the page with the updated drivers for different versions of the operating system Linux.

HTC One mini 2 (Rose Gold) (1.2GHz, 1GbRAM, 4.5 1280x720, 4G-BT-WiFi-GPS, 16Gb-microSD, 13Mpx, Andr)
HTC One mini (Red) (1.4GHz, 1GbRAM, 1280x720, 4.3, 4G-BT-WiFi-GPS-, 16Gb, UltraPixel, Andr4.2)
NOKIA N76-1 Piano Black (QuadBand, , LCD320x240@16M-160x128@256K, EDGE-BT, microSD, 2Mpx, 115)
Samsung SGH-C200 (N) Indigo Blue (DualBand, LCD 128x128@64k, GPRS, 69.)
3ware 9650SE-2LP (OEM) PCI-Ex1, 2-port SATA-II 300 RAID 0-1-JBOD, Cache 128Mb
CPU Intel Pentium III 933EB 256K-133MHz FC-PGA2
CPU Intel Xeon 3.0 GHz-1core-2Mb L2-110W-800MHz BOX 604-PGA Passive Heatsink
ADATA DashDrive UV100 (AUV100-8G-RBL) USB2.0 Flash Drive 8Gb
Kingston DataTraveler HyperX (DTHX2-32GB) USB2.0 Flash Drive 32Gb (RTL)
HDD 500 Gb SATA-II 300 Seagate Constellation (ST9500530NS) 2.57200rpm 32Mb
18.5 Acer (ET.XV3HE.A01) V193HQ Ab (Black) (LCD, Wide, 1366x768, D-Sub)
18.5 ASUS VS197DE BK (LCD, Wide, 1366x768, D-Sub)
20 BenQ G2010WAP (Black) (LCD, Wide, 1680x1050, D-Sub)
27 PHILIPS 274E5QHAB-00-01 (LCD, Wide, 1920x1080, D-Sub, HDMI, MHL)
20 Samsung T200GN USV (Emerald Black) (LCD, Wide, 1680x1050, D-Sub)
Acer Aspire Z5101 (PW.SEWE2.035) Ath II x4 615e-4-500-DVD-RW-HD6450-WiFi-BT-Win7HP-23
Gigabyte Curvy Optical Mouse GM-M5050S (RTL) USB 3btn-Roll (541385)
D-Link (DGS-3627) Switch 24port (20UTP 10-100-1000Mbps 4 1000Mbps-SFP)
3com (Switch 3812 3C17401) (12UTP)
hp V1905-24-PoE (JD992A) (24UTP 10-100Mbps PoE2Combo 1000BASE-T-SFP)
ASUS F80CR (90NR8A-219415-560C106Y) Cel D 220-2-160-DVD-RW-WiFi-DOS-14-2.36
ASUS K53S (90N4BL1-44W172-2RD13AY) i5 2410M-3-500-DVD-RW-GT520M-WiFi-Win7HB-15.6-2.68
ASUS U500V (90NWOG2-22W12B-35873AY) i7 3632QM-8-256SSD-GT650M-WiFi-BT-Win8-15.6-2.19
hp 620 (WS740EA#ACB) T4500-2-320-DVD-RW-WiFi-BT-Win7St-15.6-2.45
Lenovo B570e (59351379) Cel B830-2-320-DVD-RW-WiFi-Win7St-15.6-2.41
Samsung 300E4A (300E4A-A01) Pent B940-2-320-DVD-RW-WiFi-BT-Win7HB-14-2.02
Samsung 350E5C (350E5C-S06) i5 3210M-6-750-DVD-RW-HD7670M-WiFi-BT-Win8-15.6-2.38
Samsung R25 (NP-R25A004) T2450-1-120-DVD-RW-GF7300-128-WiFi-BT-VistaHP-14.1-2.29
SONY VAIO VPCCB3S1R-B i5 2430M-4-640-Blu-Ray-HD6630M-WiFi-BT-Win7HP-15.5-2.76
Nikon CoolPix S1000pj (Black) (12.1Mpx, 28-140mm, 5x, F3.9-5.8, JPG, SD, 2.7, USB2.0, AV, Li-Ion)
SONY Alpha 77 II ILCA-77M2M (Black) (24.3Mpx, 27-202.5mm, F3.5-5.6, JPG-RAW, MSProDuo-SDXC, 3.0, USB, HDMI, WiFi, Li-Ion)
SONY Cyber-shot DSC-W170 (Gold) (10.1Mpx, 28-140mm, 5x, F3.3-5.2, JPG, MS Duo, 2.7, USB, AV, Li-Ion)
AMD RADEON RE1866 (AE38G1869U2-US) DDR-III DIMM 8Gb (PC3-15000) CL10
Kingston HyperX (KHX21C11T3K4-32X) DDR-III DIMM 32Gb KIT 4*8Gb (PC3-17000) CL11
ZyXEL Omni G-120 Wireless PC Card Adapter (802.11b-g)
Sun Blade x6270 no CPU-8Gb-1X146 SAS 10K RAID 0-1 TCE28328 (X6270-AA)
256Mb (PCI-E) DDR-2 Gigabyte GV-NX66256DP2 (OEM) 128bitD-Sub-DVI-TV Out (GeForce 6600)
128Mb (PCI-E) DDR Gigabyte GV-RX80128D (OEM) 128bit D-Sub-DVI-TV Out (RADEON X800)
1536Mb (PCI-E) DDR-5 MSI MS-V256 N580GTX Lightning (RTL) DualDVI-HDMI-DP-SLI (GeForce GTX580)

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